Your Host
William F Hummel
Los Angeles, California

Formal Education:
  UC Berkeley - BA in Physics,  Harvard - electronics, MIT- naval radar, USC - MS in electrical engineering.

Career:  US Navy radar officer - World War II, Pacific theatre.  Forty-three years in aerospace engineering, guided missiles and spacecraft, mostly with Hughes Aircraft Co, El Segundo, CA.  Chief scientist of Control Systems Laboratory.  Design of flight control systems for missiles, first soft landing on moon, orbiting solar observatory, Venus and Mars spacecraft, several geo-synchronous communications satellites.  Retired in 1990. 

Interests:  Understanding money and credit, Post-Keynesian economics,  Investing long term,  Classical music - piano and string ensembles,  Internet discussion groups,  Travel - Europe and California, Poetry - meter and rhyme,  Gardening in containers,  Sports - soccer,  Cosmology - the Big Bang, black holes, quasars, and all the rest.  Dogs - Labrador Retrievers and  American Eskimos 

E-Mail Address:  wfhummel@gmail.com
I'd be delighted to hear from you.