Financial Data 
Current & Historical

Money Stock

M1 - Fed Board of Governors 
Monthly aggregates since 1959, not seasonally adjusted.

M2 - Fed Board of Governors
Monthly aggregates since 1959, not seasonally adjusted.

Currency in circulation - Fed Board of Governors
Monthly since 1959, not seasonally adjusted.

Components of M1 - Fed Board of Governors
Currency in circulation, non-bank travelers checks, demand deposits, other checkable deposits, monthly since 1959.

Money Zero Maturity - FRB St Louis
M2 minus small denomination time deposits, plus institutional money market mutual funds (part of M3), monthly since 1974.

Monetary Base - FRB St Louis 
Monthly monetary base, not seasonally adjusted, monthly since 1959.

Interest Rates

Three-Month Treasury Bill  Rates - FRB St Louis
3-month T-bill secondary market rates quoted on a discount basis, monthly since 1954.

Ten-Year Treasury Rates - FRB St Louis
10-year constant maturity rate, monthly since 1953. 

Fed Funds Rate - FRB St Louis
Weighted average of reported rates, monthly since 1954.

Bank Prime Rate - FRB St Louis
Average prime rate by month since 1949.

Banking Data

Total Bank Reserves - Fed Board of Governors 
Total reserves of depository institutions, not seasonally adjusted.

Required Bank Reserves - Fed Board of Governors
Required reserves of depository institutions, not seasonally adjusted.

Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks - Fed BOG
Assets and liabilities of domestically chartered commercial banks, monthly for the most recent year.

Commercial Banking Reports - FDIC
Income statements and balance sheets of commercial banks in the aggregate, by year since 1934.

Balance Sheet of the Federal Reserve - Board of Governors
Summary breakdown of assets and liabilties for five most recent years.  See Table L.109.

Federal Reserve Statistics - Federal Reserve
Factors affecting reserve balances of banks; consolidated balance sheet of Fed; maturity distribution of government liabilities; collateral held against Federal Reserve notes.

U.S. Treasury Data

Income and Balance Sheet of U.S. Treasury - U. S. Treasury 
Summary of income, assets, and liabilities for two most recent fiscal years.  See tables on pages 45 and 46.

Receipts and Outlays of U.S. Treasury - U. S. Treasury

Budget Surpluses and Deficits - White House OMB
Surpluses and deficits, both on-budget and off budget, annually since 1901.  See Table 1.1.

Cash position of the Treasury - U.S. Treasury
Cash and other monetary assets of the Treasury for two most recent fiscal years.  See page 62.

Treasury Securities Held by the Public - U.S. Treasury
Showing holdings by security type including accrued interest.  See page 91.

Ownership of Treasury Securities - Federal Reserve
Distribution of outstanding Treasury securities.  See Table L.209.

Status Report on U.S. Treasury Owned Gold - U.S. Treasury
Summarizes the total gold bullion and gold coins in fine troy ounces and the book value.

National Debt

Breakdown of National Debt - Bureau of Public Debt  
Monthly statement of public debt and interest rate on Treasury securities, current and historical.

Foreign Holders of U.S. Treasury Securities - U.S. Treasury
Individual country holdings of U.S. Treasury Securities

Interest Expense on the Public Debt - Bureau of Public Debt
Total interest paid on public debt by fiscal year for last ten years.  Includes interest paid on government account series, i.e. intra-government payments.

National Debt Ratios of all Countries - CIA Factbook
Debt/GDP ratios of all countries.

Macroeconomic Data

Consumer Price Index - Bureau of Labor Statistics
Consumer price index by month  for all urban consumers since 1913, U.S. city average.

Inflation Rate -  InflationData.com
Inflation rate by month, from 1914 to the present, based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI-U)

Flow of Funds Account of the US - Federal Reserve
Assets flow of funds matrix for entire economy

Balance Sheet of Household Sector - Board of Governors
Summary breakdown of assets and liabilities for most recent ten year period.  Includes nonprofit organizations.

Gross Domestic Product  -  Bureau of Economic Analysis
Quarterly for most recent two years.


Selected Financial Data - Fed Board of Governors
Current and historical data on the money aggregates and monetary base, bank reserves, assets and liabilities of banks, selected interest rates, foreign exchange rates.

Total Credit Market Balance Sheet - Fed Board of Governors
Debt owed versus assets held in the total credit market for dollars, covering the most recent 7 year period.   PDF format.

Foreign Exchange Rates - Fed Board of Governors 
Daily exchange rate of all currencies against the U.S. dollar since 1990.

US and Foreign Reserves at the Fed - Board of Governors
Total of foreign currencies held by the Fed and foreign-owned dollar assets at the Fed.