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Background Information

Federal Reserve System - Federal Reserve
Purposes and functions of the Federal Reserve, available as a booklet or in .pdf format.

Operational Details of the Fed - FRB New York 

Links to Fed publications, called Fedpoints, covering a wide variety of operations performed by the Fed.

Economic History - FRB Minneapolis
A number of good articles on monetary economics.

Treasury Tax and Loan Program - frbservices.org
An explanation of the purpose and type of TT&L accounts to buffer Treasury receipts versus spending.

Reserve Requirements - Federal Reserve
A detailed description of the rules which banks must observe in regard to holding reserves against demand deposits.

Bank Lending Limits - FDIC
Lending limits to a single borrower as a fraction of bank capital and surplus, applicable to U.S. national banks.

Open Market Operations - FRB New York
A detailed description of how the Fed uses open market operations in the execution of its monetary policy.

Updated Banking Regulations - Senate Banking Committee
Summary of the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, otherwise known as the Gramm-Leach-Blyley Act.

Securities Underwriting by Banks - Fed BOG
A list of the subsidiaries of bank holding companies that can engage in securities underwriting and dealing.

Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) - Answers.com
Definition and role of SDRs in international accounting.

How to Buy Treasury Securities - Bureau of Public Debt 
Opening and maintaining a Treasury Direct account.

Historic U.S. Paper Currency - FRB San Francisco
A treasure trove of information and images of American currency, past and present.

Another History of U.S. Currency -  Friesian School
Traces the development of paper currency and displays full size images of many of them.

Top 50 Bank Holding Companies - National Information Center
Names and total assets of top 50 bank holding companies

Fed Payment Services - Fed Board of Governors
Description of Fed payment services, including Fed wire.

Australian Monetary Controls - Reserve Bank of Australia
Monetary policy and its implementation in Australia.

Origins of Money and Banking - Roy Davies
A brief review of primitive forms of money and its evolution to modern day money and banking.

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